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New Situation, New Height, Create 2020 Together

Source: Nice-Can
Time: 2020-11-19

On January 11, Guangzhou Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., LTD. 2019 Year-Ending celebration and 2020 Spring Festival welcome celebration were held in Guangzhou Airport Holiday Villa Hotel. With the theme of "New Situation, New Height, Create 2020 Together", founder of Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., LTD., Mr. Yang Li and Ms. Dong Qiong, together with all the leaders and all the employees, attended the event and gathered together. Summarize the past achievements and plan the future development layout.


Before The Celebration




Leadership Speech



At 17:00, all the participants dressed up to attendance, with the LED screen countdown, bright young host on the stage to officially open the curtain of the annual ceremony. Next, Mr. Yang Li, founder of Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., LTD., Ms. Dong Qiong delivered an annual speech respectively. Review of 2019, Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., LTD. has achieved excellent results. Look ahead to 2020 and identify new strategic goals. At the meeting, we held a toast ceremony to cheer for the future road!



Encourage And Reward

The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employees. In the past year, there are some employees with outstanding contributions who have accompanied the company with hardships and hardships; A model of excellent performance who’s good at their work and dedication; Have the management model who’s willing to devote to pay silently. In a hail of salutes and cheers, the company awards trophies and bonuses to outstanding employees and management models as an encouragement.



Wonderful Moment

In the party, dance, songs, sand painting, games and other wonderful programs, for everyone to bring a gluttonous feast and audio-visual feast double enjoyment!


Sand Painting: display the corporate culture of Nice-Can




Wonderful performance




Lucky Draw

During the performance, we will have the most anticipated lucky draw. Congratulations to the following winners.




Wish from Miss Dong


Near the end of the celebration the President of the Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., LTD. Ms. Dong Qiong's wish: First of all, for the company's hard work of all the employees and for the support of our partners to express our heartfelt thanks and high respect.

Second, the wish for 2020: To create a new situation: new look, new trees, new trends; Develop new mechanisms. And put forward four new heights, are the performance of the new height, the new height of technology, the new height of products and the new height of management, from the above four dimensions, to a new level. In 2020, we need to have strong courage and new will to face the current situation and difficulties of the company. We believe that, as long as the United Nations, the will of the sincere, the company will be able to create a new situation, cast a new height! Serve every customer well and achieve win-win cooperation.


Finally, Ms. Dong Qiong would like to extend New Year greetings to all the guests and Nice-can's family.